How it was

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Ready for take-off
Team-building at Ngong Hills (2460 m, asl)
Paul is making a team of us
Ngong Hills
Entertainment by The Conquerors
Lunch and entertainment by The Conquerors
Entertainment by The Conquerors
On our way to Moshi
On our way to Moshi
Mt. Meru
On the bus from Moshi to Rongai Gate
Last picture befroe we start
The carriers are passing us
Supper at Simba Camp
Here she is
Ladies room
Dayly check of pulse and oxygenation
Singing before we start
Tarn Hut
Dessert at Tarn Hut
The Saddle
Afternoon at Kibo Hut, Base-camp
Ready for the Summit
Gilmans Point
Mt Meru
The Summit
Last camp
Last morning
The Ground Crew is paying tips for the guides, carriers and the chef
Yes, we did it